Monthly Archives: August 2013

Faith restored

My faith has been restored. If you read my last blog, (go ahead, it’s right below this one, I can wait) you will understand that I was very unhappy and disappointed with many of my hospitalist brethren for some of the more outrageous demands that they were making when considering a hospitalist position within our organization, and seemingly ignoring the important aspects of the job while focused only on compensation and minimizing workload. It seemed as if the high demand on hospitalists had brought out the worst that some people had to offer. Well, I had the pleasure of interviewing a couple this past week that actually came to me because of AIM’s ideals of excellent patient care and wanting an opportunity that afforded them the chance to do the best job that they could. They asked questions about the system, the amount of patients that they would expect to see, and spent a great deal of time trying to learn our system and how we planned to operate. While we discussed salary & benefits, it wasn’t the first question they asked, and they clearly had the attitude that I look for in our employed physicians. Namely, a desire to excel and to deliver the best care that they could, and a willingness to invest time into improving the overall patient care process. Our hospitalists are expected to provide more than just excellent patient care. We expect them to provide care that is faster, safer, of higher quality, and to deliver that care in a more efficient manner. I am thrilled to find hospitalists who still believe in those ideals. I have my fingers crossed that they will join our team, since you never know what other factors may affect their decision-making process. I do know that they would be a perfect fit for our team, though. So, if these two found AIM, I know that there have to be others out there who are motivated to try to improve the status quo and go beyond ‘ordinary’ hospitalist bedside care and join a team that wants to be extraordinary. Like I said, faith restored. Now, back to recruiting since we are about to announce out next expansion site shortly.